Monday, 25 June 2012

Icing Cakes And The Finishing Line

The End is Nigh

The building work that is, not the end of the world, I am not privy to that date.  It has been very satisfying each time we have emptied a pallet of blocks.  It meant we were a little further on with the build but also we were reclaiming a little piece of land that will eventually become our garden and in doing so the site looks a little tidier.  However, Mother Nature has once again played a part in thwarting complete clearance of all blocks as we have had to leave two little stacks standing.  The Leaning Tower of Pisa is home to another family of blue tits and the bungalow is housing a family of mice.  We are hoping they will soon vacate the premises otherwise we will have to go and buy some more blocks to complete the build.
Brendan playing a game of giant block Jenga

The tower block housing another family of blue tits

The Mouse House

I could almost jump for joy in the knowledge that for some time I won’t have to lift another block.  However, in what has now become the norm the rain has put paid to finishing the build today.

Would you ‘Adam & Eve’ it (that is Cockney rhyming slang for my French readers and means ‘believe’) after the rain it turned too darn hot and very humid, and today I am in fear of my life.  It is so windy I am crawling along the scaffold to fill the blocks for the LGB.  He's telling me I need to keep my bum in to let him get past!

Today the LGBs stone cutter is giving him hassle.  We only have a few blocks to go on the main build so as you can imagine he is a little frustrated.  We came to the point where we really needed to demolish the blue tit tower or go and buy new blocks and as we could still hear the chicks the demolition wasn't an option.  We thought after a coffee break we would go and buy the blocks.  Then would you believe it, upon checking the tower after our coffee break the fledglings had departed on their virgin flights. How thoughtful and convenient.  The mice have also departed.

Icing Cakes!
Brendan passed the buckets up to me and I filled the shuttering with the concrete.  He yelled up 'You're not icing a cake!  I am putting more on top, don't be so fussy'!

Front view of finished structure

So, we are ready to start the roof trusses.  Today we will have a good tidy up of the site and clean out the house.  Bring it on!
Brendan finishing off

View through the bathroom windows.
There will be one window in each bathroom, so
a wall is going down the middle here.

Front view from the top of the house

It has been brought to my attention that there are a few ‘closet’ readers of this blog who are not declared members, but it is nice to know that my readership extends to more than the 11 members!  I digress.  I have been told that a little more technical detail is required.  I didn’t want to bog you down with too many boring bits but for those of you who are interested (A.L. and Al) there will soon follow a little summary of the building works.

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