Sunday, 27 October 2013

My Knight in Shining Lycra

Running Hummock

Oh ye of little faith.  I did it – I completed the pledge.  In fact for good measure I did 34 days of continuous cycling. Through wind and rain I was there battling the elements.  I have to admit I didn’t cover any great distances on these knolls and hummocks, in fact one evening after a late finish I cycled a few times around our field!  Did I enjoy it?  I cannot tell a lie – no!  The hills were alive with the sounds of me groaning. I am not sure what was most difficult; the hills or keeping my face resembling something that looked vaguely human. Every time a car passed I tried to relax my face and look like I was really enjoying the torture.

The LGB tells me I pull very strange faces when I am merely putting on my mascara.  Can you imagine what my boat race resembles when I am schlepping up an excruciating gradient?  I have the agonised look of someone sitting in a dentist’s chair having her wisdom teeth extracted through her backside. I would win any gurning contest hands down.

Trying hard to look normal on those hills.
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We have just returned from the UK where I persuaded the LGB to come for a little gander on the bikes with me. The day before he had purchased a new Trek bicycle and was keen to try it out. It was lovely being back on the country lanes with the odd gentle incline. The bridge over the ford is only a couple of feet wide and I have to admit the first few times I gingerly teetered across it, gradually building up confidence and speed. On this occasion with me leading the way and the LGB following up the rear, I admit it to you dear readers, I was showing off as I scooted across the bridge with confident rapidity. Suddenly I heard a clatter and the air clouded with the expletives emanating from the mouth of the LGB.  He was hanging over one side of the bridge and the new bike was hanging the other side of the bridge.

Site of catastrophe!

Unfortunately, I am not good in times of crisis. Nerves take over and the giggles kick in. It took a while for him to extricate the bike from the grips of the bridge rails. His wheel was all skew-whiff and the bike scratched and unrideable. (Is that a real word?)  As luck would have it a knight in shining lycra pulled up, offered assistance, straightened out the LGB’s wheel and we carried on our merry way with the LGB commenting that at least his bike didn't look brand new any more! It’s at times like this one feels a bit of a silly billy wearing a padded gusset, a cycling helmet and sitting on a good make of bicycle with not an inkling what to do with a wonky wheel. We carried on, the LGB nursing a grazed arm and knee and enjoyed an 18.5 km ride.

Some building news, because after all this is a blog about our house build.

I bought a selection of sample paints last time we were in the UK, painted pieces of wood and finally made a decision on a colour for the kitchen units.  You will know by now the deliberations I have gone through to arrive at my chosen paint colours. I chose Poetic Justice and Fog. The colours proved to be aptly named because by an ironic twist of fate I was left in a fog when I sauntered up to the paint counter with my paint order to be told they have discontinued the colours. Back to the drawing board, or colour chart!

I have made a decision for the flooring! Yes really. Travertine stone in random sizes. Quick put the order in before I change my mind.  I chose the accent tiles for the en suite too!  I’m getting good at making decisions.

The LGB has plastered another bedroom.  The French tend to just dry line their walls but the LGB likes to give himself a little extra work and has decided to plaster every ceiling and wall!  It’s a nicer finish, so I am not complaining.  I am actually full of awe and admiration that he can get the walls so smooth when he can’t even pull the bed covers straight. I might get him to ice the Christmas cake.

The stone fireplace is well under way. I have painted a couple more windows and a headboard for my niece. We have finished insulating the loft. 

At this point I would add a few photos but the ones I downloaded yesterday seem to have disappeared! Another blonde moment. I really will try to keep the blog more up to date.  Thank you to all of you who continue to comment and sorry I don't always reply but you know the situation.  I will just have to spend more time in McD or Quick Burger!