Saturday, 9 June 2012


Now that the noise of the rain on the roof is no longer keeping us awake at night we have new noise nuisances.  We are able to open more windows in the evening so we are treated to a rendition of the Frog Chorus with backing from The Crickets.  We’re just missing Buddy Holly and Paul McCartney for a shows stopping concert.  The frogs are really loud. It took us some time to work out what they were as they sound more like ducks.  Once the sun has gone down the owls start.  We then have the morning alarm at 5.30 with the incredible birdsong.  I really have never heard so many birds singing so loudly.

During the day the cacophony doesn't abate.  The cows can get quite rowdy and the donkeys (at least two fields away) are very vocal.  I recognise the cuckoo, wood pigeon, magpie and jay, but not much else.  Of course, you can hear when the woodpecker is at work.  Then come 6pm the children down the road start with their shouts and laughter, especially now they have a splash pool in the garden.  The lovely, lovely sounds of summer!

With the sounds comes the plethora of smells. The smell of wild mint and the cut grass.  The other country smells may not appeal to some; the cows and muck spreading and other unidentified whiffs, but having spent my childhood summers on the farm in Wales they are aromas I really don’t mind.

Come on in, make yourself at home!  A little glimpse inside Chez Nous.

Garden seat rescued from a trip to the dump

All the mod cons

The chair was a charity shop buy
 At the moment the awning is like a green house and we have to put three sides down.  In the evening it is a mosquito magnet!

That aside, it is very useful and means we only have to sleep in the caravan.
The LGB making an outside eating area

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