Saturday, 6 September 2014

Is There Anybody There?

Hello............. there anybody there?  Remember us?  Long time no see.

I forgot all my blog details and passwords and have had the devil's own job trying to get back here!

And so.............
The wanderers have returned. To say we wandered isn't quite true, we actually stayed with my Dad. We were in the UK for what seems like an eternity.

The New Year did not start well with the news that Big C, the LGB's bigger, younger brother had the Big C. The decision was quickly made to return to England to help finish a loft extension and act as chauffeur for hospital visits.  Little did we know we would also be accompanying Dad for scans and later three operations.

We know Chelsea, Brixton and Tooting intimately now. In our work clothes we window shopped at Harrods and wondered if we would be allowed past the door men in their smart uniforms, us in our scruffy garbs. To his credit one did wish us a good afternoon but seconds later as we passed a Bentley with cream leather interior we noticed the waiting driver lock the doors. Don't judge a book by its' cover Sir! Minutes later we saw two well dressed gents stealing from Boots. Like I said, books and covers.

Brixton is vibrant and a bustling melting pot of ethnicity.

Big C is doing well eight months on and is thankfully clear of cancer. Dad is awaiting another op which may precipitate my return at some point. We are mightily glad to be back.  The garden is not going to win any medals at the Chelsea Flower Show this year.  Having said that we are hugely grateful to our lovely friends who once again came to our rescue checking the house, forwarding mail and strimming the field.  We came back to flowers, champagne, home grown goodies and lovely meals (we must go away more often!).

Everything mechanical had seized up; the car, both sit on mowers, the digger, whacker and cement mixer to name a few. A mouse had made a nest in the engine of the mixer and invited a few snails to squat too.  The LGB has had his mechanic's hat on and to his credit has everything up and running again. It has been a long slog getting on top of things but we are getting there.

The summer visitors have gone, a job to do for clients and then time to knuckle down and work on the house again. That's not to say we have been completely idle. The LGB has almost finished the fireplace, we need to choose tiles for the hearth.  A damned fine job he has made if it too, although it irks me to say it as there was a minor domestic when I was not allowed to help in the construction. I said he could have all the credit for it, but no, I was banished to floor sanding!  It is a beautiful feature in the room and my floor sanding was bloody good too!

Lunch for 14 and picnic area for the children. A glimpse of the fireplace.

Deborah free zone!

We were treated to a play from the picnicers, looking like the Von Trap family.

We have laid all the insulation on the ground floor in preparation for the pipes for underfloor heating. Installing the heating is the biggest job left to do and a little daunting for me but as usual we will overcome. Still, no pressure, we only have three guests coming for Christmas. Remember last year? In fact my last post was about cooking Christmas lunch on a camping gas ring and a one temperature cooks all cooker.  Déjà vu.  Sorry to mention Christmas in September.

The Boy graduated in July and has found a job.   How proud are we?  Peacocks come to mind.

That brings you quickly up to date and I will endeavour to write on a more regular basis from now on. Famous last words. A bientôt.


  1. Thank goodness all are well.....and thank goodness for YOU two!!! Hope to catch up when I am over ????date . Love Sal xox

  2. She's baaaaaaaaack :) Welcome back to bloggyland! Looks like you've been up to your eyeballs in all things emotional an stressful. I hope that getting back to your herculean activities will rest your emotions a bit - I've been down that road recently and it's not easy. Hats off to you.
    Big nuggs from MM xxxx

    1. Sorry for late reply. Dropped by yours today. Glad to have you back too. Hope things are looking up for you. I need my MM fix so keep them coming. xxx


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