Thursday, 3 May 2012

Hi-De-Hi! Morning Campers!

Brendan has never understood the idea of dragging a box around on the back of a car to holiday in.  Two nights in the caravan and I can see where he is coming from and that is without us trawling it to a camp-site beforehand. 
Home Sweet Home
In his infinite wisdom the LGB decided that sleeping bags were the new duvets.   Easier to tidy away during the day.  With this in mind we purchased a matching pair in pearl grey with turquoise lining and left hand zipper.  We lay in bed like Tutankhamun and his wife (half-sister!!??).  I felt like I was in a strait jacket.  Some people would say I should be in one!  I had to abandon the idea of sleeping in a bag during the night sometime between gentle strangulation and near death asphyxiation and unzip it into a blanket. I know there are people who enjoy that experience, but it's not my bag (no pun intended). Mind you, I think I could give anyone a run for their money in the sack race now.
King Tut!

Near death experience!

The rain lashed down all night, so between the noise, being strangulated and stubbing my toe on a cupboard every five minutes not a lot of sleep was slept!

The first morning I decided to go for fresh bread for breakfast but got the car stuck in the mud trying to drive off the field (for Alan that will read off of the field!).  I abandoned the car and took the transit van instead.  I secured the last baguette at the local bar/store/restaurant.  A couple of old boys were enjoying a morning tipple – you might find you have a bit of a problem there lads that may need addressing, nothing that a few meetings can’t sort (one day at a time)! 

We have a little fridge in the caravan and the big fridge in the garages.  The distance between the two is roughly 300 feet, which in itself isn’t a vast distance.  In fact it is quite a pleasant strolling distance between shoe shops and chic boutiques, however, when you have to cover it four or five times during the making of a meal it becomes a little tiresome.  By the time I finally served up the scrambled eggs and toasted baguette it seemed only reasonable to add a glass of wine and call it lunch!  I may be joining the old boys in the bar in the morning.

The LGB was not impressed with his first night 'ping' meal!

The second night I moved to the other end of the caravan where there is no toe-stubbing cupboard.  I also opted to abandon the sleeping bag and duly ironed bedding and hunted out the duvet from the garage.  The LGB was adamant he was slumbering in his sleeping bag.  When I asked why he informed me we had bought them so he wanted to use them otherwise it will have been a waste of money!  So he settled on one side of the bed in his sleeping bag and I lay on the other side buried under a heaped up king size duvet. 

As Suzanne and Kevin have no paying guests at the moment we are still going over to shower at the gite.  If you would like to be a paying guest the link to their gite is;  A huge thank you to them for their kindness and generosity in letting us use the gite, not to mention the lovely meals.

Tonight will be the third night in the caravan.  The LGB is already snoring his head off all cosied up under the king size duvet!

For sale - Two pearl grey sleeping bags.  Hardly used – as new.  Open to sensible offers!!

We were spitting feathers yesterday.  I should have known it would be a bad day when I realised our CT (MOT) on the car had run out in January! We thought after two weeks and no telephone call we would find out if the RSJs had arrived. To cut a long story (and longer wait for service) short, the assistant who finally came to our aid sent us to his boss in the office.  He in turn informed us their supplier no longer dealt with them.  I have a limited command of the French language, however, why does it desert me when I am most in need of it?  I spewed something about them having our telephone number, waiting a long time and nobody phoning.  Then with a very Gallic gesture of my hands I stormed out of the office pushing Brendan ahead of me!  I have been told that the English word I mouthed through the window as I walked past would be universally understood!
The wind and rain have been tremendous.  We have only had one night without rain.  It comes in great cloud bursts that wake us during the night.  We have no television, so most evenings we have settled down to watch a DVD.  We had to turn the DVD off one night because we couldn’t hear it for the rain! 

Walking the plank!
Ever the optimist, at least this camping malarkey can only get better. When it stops raining, and the wind stops howling, and the mud dries up, and the sun shines it will be all ‘hi-de-hi’ happy campers!  Watch this space, this oh, so very small, confined space!


  1. What a shame.. I'll make you something nice to eat soon. ;) Craig's Dad's coming Saturday and we're going down to Bordeaux tomorrow.. so after that promise. Hope you're ok. Hx

    1. Hi Both,
      Sounds like here, rain, rain & more rain.
      If all else fails you could make a living writing. The blog is brilliant.
      While I'm on Happy Birthday Brendon for the 9th. Don't have any address to send card to.
      Take care love Jan & Nigel xx

  2. Wonderfully funny. Now move on to the serious stuff. What's your preferred blue fluid and who empties the sh** tank?
    Al x

  3. Thank you for all comments, on here, your emails and Facebook. More details coming Alan! Happy Birthday to you too Janet! Looking forward to that Hege! :) xxx


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