Saturday, 26 May 2012

We've Nailed It!

What's in a Name?
I was very pleased that my blog has had over one thousand hits and very bemused to see that 999 of them were on my last post!  I exaggerate, but it certainly got more than any of the others.  Could the title have had something to do with it do you think?  There will be some very disappointed adolescent lads out there finding nothing more than the ramblings of a middle-aged plus women wittering on about blue tits, building and bikes!  Sorry lads!

We have put all the floor joists in but still have some nailing to do.  As it was a bank holiday we banged the nails in very quietly!  I am always concerned about making a noise on a jour de fete but the neighbours went out early and the farm work doesn't stop for a bank holiday.

Joists in the sejour
It was 26 degrees and very muggy  but I am not going to complain about the weather because in true British style that is all I have done lately.  Oh, OK then.  It was far too hot and claggy and we are both shattered.  The LGB has just said it is too early to stop work he will have to find something to do in the evenings.  I did point out that we had actually put in about 10 hours today.  To be fair to him we did stop for lunch and two tea breaks.  

View of what will be the bedroom floors
Over the last three days we have hammered in approximately 2000 nails with more to go.  The joists are all in place and Brendan is now busy cutting the noggings ready to hammer in tomorrow.  Good progress we feel.  We treated ourselves tonight.  Kevin told us the fish and chip van was in a local village. Fish and chips are a very rare treat for us here (twice in 10 years), not the same as the home chippie but enjoyable.

Go girl! Only 1,500 nails to go

How many noggings?
The Great Wall of Noggings
Job Vacancy – Nogging Knocker wanted.  No experience necessary.  Nogging…..……it’s a great word isn’t it, and the Scottish word for one is a dwang!  Well, we’ve got roughly 160 dwang noggings to put up and hammer in place.  Oh joy!  They are used to strengthen the structure and stop the joists from twisting.  (Before the spell check police come a-calling I have checked out the spelling of noggings/noggins and am going with noggings.)  

The LGB on the top of the Great Wall of Noggings
The LGB gave me what he called a nice steady job which involved more hammering and more nails.  I nailed metal straps to the ends of the scaffold boards to protect them and stop them splitting.  The only nails I want to see again are beautiful French manicured ones on the end of my fingers.  Some hope.  By the way, for nice steady job, read boring!

A steady little job.
A Little Drop of the Wet Stuff!
I have wiped ‘that’ word from my vocabulary; I shall ignore it like a naughty child in the hope that it will start behaving. It is precipitating cats and dogs, chucking it down, pouring, pelting, piddling, p***ing down.  I have just got soaked to the skin.  Some women look very alluring soaked through.  Look at Ursula Andress or Bo Derek.  Not me, I’m more Vicky Pollard meets Moby Dick!  Whaaaaatever!  I’m not sure if it is the cement splattered fleecy, the tracky bottoms and hobnail boots or the mascara running down my face but I just can’t carry off the wet look off. 
So as the dark falls and we sit in what is beginning to feel like a submarine there is nothing for it but to watch another episode of Downpour Abbey, I mean Downton Abbey.                                        

By Thursday the nogging gnomes hadn’t materialised so the LGB had to tackle the dwangs himself.   I was as useful as a chocolate teapot but the LGB insisted they were difficult enough for him and there was no way I would get the nails in.  I just kept him supplied and held them in place as and when needed.  I thought he was losing the will to live because he is usually very upbeat, (when he’s not very grumpy), but he wasn’t enjoying this job. 

Friday saw the noggings finished, the site tidied and the joists planked ready to start building the upper floor.  During the proceedings I fell and badly twisted my ankle.  Ever the hero the LGB sprang into action.  Did he call an ambulance or grab the first aid kit?  No, he brought a bucket of cold water to soak my foot in!
2,000 nails later and still smiling!
My lovely Dad’s favourite saying is ‘Keep Smiling’.  Good advice.


Thank you for all your comments whether it be on here, facebook or by email.  It is much appreciated and keeps us buoyant when it sometimes all feels a bit of a chore. :) :)

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