Wednesday, 11 April 2012

If The Egyptians Can Do It!!!

Way Hey!!  We got the oak beam up!!  We thought we may have to call in the cavalry, but with the help of a couple of metal rollers we rolled it inside the house.   We stood it on end and balanced it on the scaffold and then kind of see-sawed it up onto the scaffold.  Then Brendan lifted one end whilst I placed a block under it.  We repeated this each end until the beam was level with the stone where it had to be placed.  I did get the heeby-jeebies a couple of times but it went smoothly - no flying dummies, tantrums or tears!  Unfortunately, it has left the LGB with a bad back again.

Rolled the beam along on metal bars..........

Easy peasy - the LGB upended it..........

Stood and scratched his ar head.........
Et voila!!  All in place

And a close up of his handy work!!  Bravo!

Thursday the floor joists arrived nice and early. I had a close shave when the driver was taking them off the lorry.  Brendan and I were placing blocks down for them to sit on.  The driver bent down to move a block and hit the lever on his controls and the load jerked down hitting me and knocking me sideways.  I escaped with a grazed hand and bruises on my arm and shoulder, although I can feel I have been bashed!

We're moving our belongings from the gite over to the garages and caravan.  This will be our seventh move in ten years!  The next time we move I am taking just a suitcase (and Brendan I suppose).  I am planning to sell this house fully-furnished! When it comes to moving our wordly goods from the garages into the house I am going to be brutal.  I have already drastically reduced my homes and decorating magazine collection much to Brendan's delight.  I have to admit they are a bit of an obsession with me.  I am planning to replace them - the LGB will never notice them coming in one at a time!

Hallway and Brendan's room beyond

Brendan's room

Dining room - I think!
The internal walls are nearly finished.  It does make the space look very different.  Some areas seem smaller and some like the LGB's room look huge.  I am having second thoughts now about the room swap, but it is too late now!

I know the 'we would like to thank' is usually expressed at the end of the project but I would just like to express our gratitude to all our wonderful friends and family who have housed us, fed us, offered us the use of showers, beds, swimming pools, washing machines and given help and encouragement.  You know who you are and we appreciate the huge gestures and the little ones. No-ones offered to pay to have the work done yet though......... Seriously, thank you, we are very lucky to have such lovely friends.

Moving into the caravan tonight.  I am not sure when the next post will


  1. Shaping up! Where is the guest bedroom? And en suite???

  2. I would say there will always be a room for you but as you are Anonymous and I don't know who you are who knows who I may be inviting to stay!! :)

  3. AnonymousApr 24, 2012 08:03 AM
    Well, you don't hang around you two. Going like a couple of trains judging by the photos. It looks absolutely amazing and from what we can see you should be congratulated. When is the moment for splashing champagne over everything? We can always bring a bottle of Cava ex Es !!!!!!!

    Good job folks and keep on rocking !!

    Luv to both, j&e. PS Hope the 'parental controls' will now admit our comments as opposed to heaving them out as before!!

    1. Deborah MathiasApr 26, 2012 10:01 AM
      Thank you both. Hope you are both well. Of course you will be welcome to the topping off ceremony! xx


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