Thursday, 4 October 2012

We've Downed Tools.

You may have gathered by now that there is not much happening on site. The windows and French doors have been hung, another little milestone reached.  The front door opening and picture window in the kitchen have been closed up whilst the frames are being made.  Little by little we are getting there.  I think the next big job will be laying the flooring upstairs and doing the room partitions.  That will be followed by the electrics; another dilemma, where to put the sockets and how many, shall we have wall lights, ceiling lights or both?  

We have been busy looking for interior doors, door frames, paint and other bits. We have had another meeting with Ice Energy to discuss the option of geothermal underfloor heating.  I have bought some paint.  Yes, you read it correctly, but don't get too excited they are just sample pots from Farrrow and Ball and some Annie Sloan chalk paint and wax to 'shabby chic' some of the furniture.  At huge cost I have purchased an Annie Sloan paint brush!!   I thought the LGB was going to have a coronary when I paid over £18 for it.  I will prove him wrong and keep it in pristine condition!  I am breaking into a panicky sweat at the thought of that commitment! 

I managed to choose a colour for the furniture to play around with from Marilyn and Melrose.  I am still deliberating over the colour for the windows.

I met lovely Denny at Lorden Design and got lots of inspiration from her new shop.  I would have loved a few pieces from her but we had to take Jack and his baggage back to university, so no room in the car.
Did I mention we had bought a couple of ovens and a hob?  I would never have believed  you could fit  them into the boot of a Renault Laguna!


  1. You might think there has been no activity on the site.....! Wait till you get back and see what's been happening.

    1. Oh, have you finished the build for us? You are too kind!!! xxx


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