Sunday, 4 March 2012

Hot Pants

On Monday, the first day back after our break, I spent the morning cracking ice and sweeping it out of the 'house'.  It was still too cold to do any building work so we cut logs, tidied the garage and went to check on a little job Brendan is doing.

I was well dressed as usual to fight the cold.  I had on four tops and four layers down below.  A pair of knickers, long johns, track suit bottoms and a pair of hot pants! They are not literally 'hot' pants - they are called 'hot pants'.  My friend Jacqui gave me a pair that were too big for her!  The last time I wore hot-pants I was about 11 years old, they were maroon and had a bib - these are nothing like that!  They are made of neoprene and the instructions tell you to weigh and measure yourself, wear them for a fortnight and see the results. There is one result I know for sure - after a fortnight they will be minging!!

So I am on site dressed like a surf-dude living in the hope of reducing the footprint of my rear extension.  So watch this space.  The little wafts around my ankles aren't the spring breezes coming from the South and the little whisper of air on the nape of my neck isn't Brendan getting romantic it's just a baffled fart finally finding an exit route from my neoprene knickers!

Here we have them, only I look like the Michelin man in mine!  Not for long though!

We have ordered the roofs.  The roof for the single storey part of the house should be with us mid-March.  No pressure.

After much nagging from Brendan telling me that I have to decide where things are going in the kitchen I have had planks of wood on trestles to set out a kitchen and a pallet for a table .  I think I have made some decisions.  The main decision being that the ergnomical triangle has no place in my kitchen. The big fridge-freezer was the thing that was the problem, but I have now decided to put it in the utility room and get a little fridge for the kitchen.  Sorted!

My kitchen table in situ

The run of kitchen units - use your imagination!

Saturday 25th Feb   
What a glorious day!  And I don't mean the fact that Wales have just beaten England at rugby!   I supppose I should also mention Newcastle won today and Sunderland were slaughtered.  (What a big grin you have Brendan!).   I have been working today in a short sleeved T-shirt.  The cranes have been flying over heading North, one of my favourite sights.  The skies are blue.  Happy days!!  That said, today I have felt absolutely shattered and it was a short day (had to get home to watch the rugby).  However, I now have 2 window openings and a wall up to ceiling height.  It is all fiddly work at the moment, with door and window openings and having to make lintels over them which of course takes time. 

Spring is on its way - the cranes flying North

Friday 2nd March
  We now have 13 window and door openings and we are up to ceiling height in the main house and almost there in the kitchen.  We have ordered the oak lintels for the openings in the kitchen.  I painted two sides of the main house with bitumen, a couple more coats to go.  The other side is still too damp to paint.
Keeping Brendan well supplied 
Openings at the back of the house

Window openings on the gable end
The camera was not charged on Friday so I don't have the most up to date photos of how far on the build is.  I will get some tomorrow and upload them soon.

I can't believe at the start of this post I was wearing multiple layers and today it was 20 plus degrees and I was in a vest top.  This amazing change in the weather has  forced me to to peel of a few layers which means I have abandoned my 'hot pants', my oh so very, very hot pants!  


  1. Looking good! Thanks for the visit to your kitchen :) Good idea to set it out like that.
    You're doing great.
    Love the cranes!!!

    1. I will look forward to inviting you into my finished kitchen! xx

  2. A builder's dream - a gorgeous female labourer who comes to work wearing rubber! Where do you hide the whip?
    A mackem

    1. I can give all the lashings I need with my tongue alone!! xx

  3. That's 13 windows to clean Deb. I would fill in a few when he's not looking.

  4. Now there's an idea! Or find a good window cleaner! Who are you Anonymous????


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