Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Cover of the Rolling Stone (Dr Hook)

Well the LGB hasn't had that thrill but he and his younger brother the BGB (big Geordie builder), Chris have had a feature in February's edition of Good Homes.  Not that you would know they had done the job as there is no mention of them.  It was a kitchen extension they did in Twickenham.  I also helped out but can't claim any credit as I mostly laboured.  It looks good and the GBs should feel proud of themselves.  But it's not quite the same as 'the thrill that'll getcha when you get your picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone' is it?

Centre page spread

Back to the development in the house build.  There is none!  In a nutshell, it has been too darn cold.  So we downed tools (well we put them in the boot actually) and hotfooted it off to our friends Mary and Alan to give them a hand with their loft conversion.  There is only so much Jeremy Kyle and daytime television a mere mortal can watch before wanting to act like a Rolling Stone and throw the television out of the window.  In theory it seemed like a good idea to be working indoors, in practise the loft was freezing.  However, it was well worth putting up with the cold for the hot bath complete with candles and bubbly (thanks Al, you old romantic you!) and delicious meals, thanks Mary!

The Monday morning we left their house it was minus 18 degrees.  We had a very slow crawl back to Le Mas in the snow and decided to pack a bag there and then and head back to the UK for a few days to see family.  Apologies to you all for not getting to see you.  We did meet up with Jack and Lily in Nottingham for a nice weekend.  It would have been even nicer if Newcastle hadn't got hammered!

We are back now and the temperatures are at least out of the minuses with just a little snow hanging around on the banks.  Tomorrow will be taken up with unpacking the car.  I managed to squeeze in an old pine unit with glass doors that will be 'upcycled' at a later date and a mirror!  I shall look forward to putting photos on the blog of them in situ.  Boy, that seems a long way off!  I am not sure what the LGB has got planned for next week but I am sure it will involve long johns and thermals on my part and my new earmuffs!  

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