Thursday, 3 January 2013

Busy Lollygagging

Lollygaggers And Scallywags

After the season’s festivities and two days at the sales we are now doing a spot of lollygagging.  What a great word!  It’s up there with scallywag, golly and gosh (which I actually do use when I don’t have my labourer’s hat on – then I can usually be heard effing and blinding) and if the PC brigade will allow me to say it, golliwog is also there with those lovely 'olly ally illy' words.  It conjures up childhood memories of jam butties, collecting badges and soft toys.  My Dad still has his childhood golliwog and a younger companion beside his bed.   When my niece was about seven Brendan called her a ‘scallywag’, she gasped and her jaw dropped. “You’re not allowed to call me that!  You can’t use that word!”  It took some time and much laughter to realise she had got her words muddled up.  How sad that the PC brigade make us feel uncomfortable calling Dad’s Golly by his full name.

The old gent on the right is over three score and ten now and the years have taken their toll

The handsome young whipper-snapper is about ten years old

Golly I've side-tracked again, way off track!  Back to our lollygagging.  When we are working hard I long for the time when we can have a rest and spend time aimlessly, idling at leisure.  However, now that we do have time on our hands we are restless and are wondering what we can do to while away the hours.  It has been too wet to clean the moss from the roof.  I have asked Dad if he would like me to paint a room.  No thanks love.  The front door? No.  What about some furniture Dad?  No!  Well, can I paint the cat then?  

So, we shall have to hope for some better weather and don our walking shoes and wait for Ice Energy to reopen so that we can collect the rest of the geothermal heating system. 

We have ordered a bath (not too taxing) and today we bought the top for the island in the kitchen. I suppose I could scour the land for paint for the windows. That would kill some time.

BBC Repeats

As there has been nothing to report on the building front I thought I would post a few pictures of the build from the start.  If the BBC can get away with ruddy repeats I surely can, and I don’t even charge a licence fee.  Now there’s an idea!  So here are my BBC (building blog cop-out) repeats.

 Looking at this picture the start seems eons ago
It was only November last year!

And they're off!  

I was let loose tipping the concrete
January 2012


March, things are taking shape

April we moved into the caravan.
...............and rained!

It rained


 Then in May the sun shone
Some fancy details added

By June we were up to the first floor!
Still talking and laughing.

The roof trusses were put up in June

Et Voila! The end of June the shell is up.
A celebration dinner
Take away fish and chips.

End of August oak truss looking lovely

 End of August. Wow!
Give that man a pat on the back!

The frisky slugs came a-calling!

October most of the windows were in.

November we moved into bedsit,
first fix electrics are in. 

Shower facilities improved somewhat!

Deluxe model.

So there you have it.  
Thank you again for all the help and support and encouragement we've received from you all, it has been much appreciated.



  1. Ah, Golliwogs and those great tokens you had to peel off the jampot to get a golliwog badge..... Thanks for the smile and the return to my childhood. The PC crowd have a lot to answer for; even poor old Enid Blyton had to scrap Mr Golly and replace him by a white garage owner. Why can't a Golliwog run a garage?


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