Tuesday, 25 December 2012

I'm Fat And I Can't Spell

Spell Check and Mangoes

Welcome to new members. Once again I am being told that some of you are unable to leave comments and I don’t know why.  Two comments did come through this week but only got as far as my emails.  Here is a little sample of the first one.

‘far reaching effects on erection problems’ – well, we have already erected the main building, but thanks for the input.

'erections improved when using pomegranate’ – actually we found cement and sand did the job, but worth looking at in the future.  I'm all for eco builds.

'When looking for erectile dysfunction treatment……’ hang on, hang on, have I got the wrong end of the stick here (no pun intended whatsoever)?  Get off my blog you sad little person, go and bother someone else!  Someone with a willy for instance!

I was a little perplexed by the second comment.  It came from a site called africanmangodirect which at first I thought was a dating site – African Man Go Direct (dot com). I wondered how somebody could read my blog and think that I might need a new man.  I am quite happy with the LGB.  Okay, I have a little moan about him now and again, but I wouldn’t change him for the world (that’s how I feel today at least).   I have copied and pasted the comment in whole exactly as I received it.

‘of course like your web site however you need to check the spelling on several of your posts.  Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I in finding it very bothersome to inform the truth then again I will definitely come again again’.

Thank you very much for your comment but may I say I in finding it very bothersome to inform you your post was rife with grammatical errors and a sentence starts with a capital letter and I do use spell check (when I remember) so blame Google and I already have an unofficial proof/critic/smart Alec reader who is quick to point out my errors (thanks Al) but thank you again for feeling the need to inform the truth and please feel free to come again again!!!!!!

Curiosity, however, got the better of me and I had a little peep (I can feel Alan’s palpitations as I type! I didn’t go directly to the web link, I Googled it Al.)  It is actually African Mango Direct (dot com) – a weight loss product.  So as well as being told I can’t spell, I’m also too fat!  

Anyway back to serious building matters. 

Looking at the entrance to the master bedroom

Inside the master bedroom

Loitering With No Intent
We have taken to loitering in shops to avoid going back to a cold house and caravan.  Usually I like to go to the builder’s merchants buy the materials and leave (unlike the LGB who would take sandwiches and a flask and spend the day there, complete with anorak).  The last visit, however, I told the LGB to take as long as he liked playing with the tools.  He skipped away and I mooched through the books.  We spent much of the afternoon in Leroy Merlin.  We did buy quite a lot and ordered the glass for the picture window and front door.  I hope the measurements are right!  Leroy Merlin was closing so we headed to Géant and dallied there using the Wi-Fi and keeping warm until finally we had to venture back to the cold site.

Bed-sit Land 
Never mind the soft-close lid; I should have pushed for a heated toilet seat.  We have had some very cold days; in fact it has been colder in the house than outside.  We are now sleeping in the house and I have to say we are sleeping so much better.  We don’t hear the wind and rain, we don’t rock about during the night and the LGB can get out of bed without putting in a gymnastic performance that would win him medals in a competition.  He is actually seeing Dr Crochet again but a real bed is helping his back and neck.

The bed-sit, looking more like an old folk's home!

We have to climb up the ladder to get to our ‘bed-sit’ and as it is the only warm place on site we are eating there too.  I have mastered carrying up two cups of coffee, or a coffee and a bowl of porridge or two plates of food.

We have been to two Christmas dinners and each time someone asked us what we were doing about toilet facilities in the ‘bed-sit’,  ……….a bucket dear Liza, dear Liza, a bucket!

The Contortionist

In disguise

Shaping Up
We are putting insulation into the loft space.  I hate, loathe, despise, abhor and DETEST insulating.  We are using fibre glass; it gets in your clothes and hair, makes you itch and cough and hangs around forever.  I looked at the possibility of purchasing Black Mountain sheep’s wool insulation, but as I haven’t yet won the lottery our woolly friends still have their coats firmly on their backs to keep them warm.  I cut the insulation with a bread knife and the LGB is doing the much harder task of fitting it in the eaves of the loft; a job much better suited to a Munchkin than a grown man.  Little by little upstairs is taking shape.  We are deciding where to put beds (because we will need sockets for lamps) and where to place showers, toilets basins and a bath.

After rehearsals for our concert we had time to kill so most of us drove to Marthon to a photographic exhibition 106 Ans de Marie Gervais.  It was at La Tour St Jean Marthon which has recently been renovated and the owners live on the top floors.  The photos were of villages and life in the area.  The building is beautiful, the photos were very interesting and there was an abundance of delicious fruits for consumption.  Just the display looked amazing.  

Kaki (persimmon or sharon fruit), tamarind, nefle (medlar) to name a few.

We were asked to sing a couple of songs for the guests, impromptu but fun.  It was much appreciated with much applause. The actual concert went quite well.  A few mistakes ‘comme d’habitude’!  I don’t think we will be winning choir of the year just yet, but they are a great bunch and I enjoy it. 

As usual, I am a week behind with the blog!

Finally, we'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year.  Thank you for reading and see you in 2013. xxx


  1. Dear Missy Debby and Missy Brenda
    Congratulations - You have won a million pounds in our "Design the Minimalist Bedroom Competition". Our friends from "Gulliblefatties.com" will leave the cheque under your piss bucket outside the back door. Please note that the cheque is only valid with membership of the "Do I Look Stupid Club".(Fees in cash, to OBOB) As you have been so kind in blogging your email address, we have decided (at no extra cost to you dear Missies) to forward the link to all our friends in Nigeria, Russia and Sunderland.
    Have a Great New Year

    1. Hahahaha!!! Much appreciations for your kindly award dear friends. We are of course gold card member of the ‘Do I look Stupid Club' and are proud to been looking stupid for many, many years.
      PS Can you please leave some ear-plugs under the piss pot with the cheque. The LGB is having vein popping, heart attack inducing rants watching Match of the Day!!!!! xxxxxxxxx


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