Friday, 9 December 2011

Rain Stops Play

The site is like a quagmire.  We are sliding about like Torvill and Dean.  OK not quite as elegant, but I would like to see them skating (skidding) along with a barrow full of blocks and still stay upright – glad to say I did,  just! 

We are back to pre-digger days having to transport the sand in barrows.  The digger would do it in a tenth of the time but it would just mess the land up even more.  Brendan is worried that it will get into too much of a boggy mess for the concrete to be delivered.

I know I should be pleased for the sake of the farmers that we finally have some rain but…….  If only we had been two weeks further on we would have had the concrete base down and therefore able to carry on building even in the rain.  However, for us it is just an inconvenience and means it will take longer to get the build done.  For the farmers it has been a catastrophic summer.  Whilst we enjoyed a summer of brilliant sunshine and very hot days the farmers suffered and lost crops and animals in the drought.
We finished at lunchtime when it rained even harder and spent the afternoon looking at and pricing up windows and doors.  I wonder if choosing would be easier if money was no object?  Knowing myself as I do I would say it would be much more difficult.
The new shoes are really looking the part!
Pain Stops Play
Thursday, Brendan spent the day in bed with a bad back!  He is going to rest it for the weekend and hope for the best for Monday.

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  1. Hi Deb,
    Hey it's great that you've got a blog page. This is the first blog thatI've ever exciting!
    Sorry to hear about Brendan's back...I've got a friend who's an osteopath...has Brendan had his back checked out recently?


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