Saturday, 3 December 2011

New Togs & New Friends

Here we have Brendan modelling a natty little number in royal blue.  These ‘combinations’ are the costume de rigueur in these parts. It’s a bit worrying though because every time he takes off a layer he does a Houdini act and I am sure he will either dislocate a shoulder or get so tangled that he will have to be cut loose (or not!!).

Yesterday we had a visit from la mère of le maire.  (Every commune here has a mayor.)  She had seen us collecting hard-core in the form of a tumbledown building and said she also had some stone if we wanted it.  We don’t need any more hard-core but we said we would go and look at it because we suspected she just wanted it removed from her garden.  We went along and also met le père of le maire.  The stone was only good for hard-core but I thanked her and said we would take it.  There was one interesting piece of shaped stone that she said had come from a grave and used to have a metal cross attached.  We are going to make it into a bird table!

They are a delightful couple.  Monsieur proudly showed us his ‘English’ lawn mower, his green-house and his garage (he used to be a mechanic).  We came away with apples and tomatoes, stone that we didn’t really need, and two new friends.

It rained overnight which has made the ground boggy but unbelievably it’s December and it was a beautiful, sunny warm afternoon!  Long may it last.

That was yesterday – it rained all day today!!  No site work today, just house-work.
My steel toe-caps have given up the ghost.  They have served me well.  I am going to bury them in the foundations with a note inside with details of who built the house and when!

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  1. Loving the blog :) what a great idea! I had a job following but that might be something to do with my computer? Also it wouldn't let me upload a picture, Shame!
    Tell Brendan he looks very fetching in his little blue number! Nicole wants one for xmas but she's planning on wearing hers to bed so that's an option if he can't get it off?
    Keep up the good work, Mena xx


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