Monday, 3 June 2013

My Ride in Photos

When I last posted I had no photos so for the last couple of rides I have taken out my trusted little Samsung.  This one behaves and the photos end up where I can upload them.

I usually head straight for the ford for no other reason than loving the route.  It's just down the road and a nice tranquil start to a ride.  This marks the Hampshire/Berkshire border.

I'm not sure how much use the little red box gets in this quiet lane.

I love this entrance.  The big house?  Not really for me, but I would love to have a look around nonetheless.  Nosey?  Me?    

I was dismayed this morning to see a dead swan on the road ahead.
On closer inspection I identified it as a cygnus tesco bagus!  I should have gone to Specsavers.  

This is what you would call a country pub.

St James' Church, Finchampstead is set in a beautiful position within a pretty village with little more than a pub and a few houses.

That's me!

I was having a little gander at the lake when I spied a cyclist heading off down a path.  I took the same route and enjoyed a wonderful ride around the lakes.  I only passed two people who appeared to be bird watching.  I am feeling a lot more comfortable being in secluded places alone.

We return to France on Tuesday.  The hills of the Charente will be a challenge I'm sure.  

Hopefully, some building progress too.


  1. It's beautiful! We'll have the coffee ready. ;) See you soon. Have a nice trip! hx

    1. Thanks Hege. Coffee would be good, it's been a long while. xx

  2. You'll need to change those tyres for slicks!
    Hope you've packed the strimmer! Weliwelawi tribe moved into your garden.
    ps luv the photographs

    1. Hey, don't you be dissing my tyres. I think they are pretty darn slick! Two sit on mowers will sort that grass. Has it stopped raining yet? See you tomorrow. :) xxx

  3. I'm feeling all nostalgic now. I'll have to pinch a postbox off a wall the next time I go home and put it in front of my house. I had a good giggle at your tesco bag swan - it reminded me of when I braked for a hedgehoggus coke cannus that was crossing the road in front of my car :-)


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