Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Another Brick In The Wall

A little poetic license there, it is actually another 'block' in the wall.  We are only two days into the build (Tues 17th) and although I am very happy and positive that we are progressing I also feel about 190 years old.  I feel a need for a replacement for every joint in my body.  We are trussed up like oven ready chickens.  Both of us are wearing back belts and elbow supports and I have wrist supports!  Brendan said if he had one for his thigh he would put that on as well!  Where will it all end - mummification?
Is 7.30 too early to go to bed? Night, night.

I had an appointment with the bank at their request.  The LGB didn't want to put his tools down to go with me.  Since selling the house we have become VIPs at the bank!   It is hilarious.  Last time we were there two bank advisers came over to shake hands whilst we were in the queue, ignoring all the other customers.  Give it a few more months when all the money has been spent on this house and we will once again be the church mice being ignored!  We have already opened 8 separate savings accounts on her advice!  During this appointment she closed four of them and opened two more!  She may have embezzled the lot for all I know and could be sunning herself on Brighton beach in a two star B & B on our proceeds as I type.

Tues 24th

Since we started the house build we have lost days to the rain once again.  We have taken delivery of blocks and sand and been to order sills for the windows and get quotes for the roofs.  We are quite a way off the roofs going on but we are not sure how long they will take to make up.  Today was a typical day dodging the rain.  Brendan has been concentrating on the corners of the buildings and once they are done we can get a good run at it.  His back is not good at the moment which is slowing him up and frustrating him.

Still smiling - for how long?

I have a love hate relationship with Minnie, the mixer.  She is like an open mouthed gannet chick that needs to be continuously fed.  Bucket of water, 8 buckets of sand, 2 buckets of cement, tip it into the barrow, take it to Brendan.  Bucket of water, 8 sand,  ........... Now and again I forget how many sand I have put in or did I put the second cement in?  At the end of the day I have the great honour of being allowed to clean everything!  Wash out the mixer, clean the trowels, shovels and barrows.  I cannot express to you in writing how much I detest this job at the end of a tiring day, but I am the labourer and therefore it is my job.  I have suggested I am ready to lay blocks, but the LGB says they are too heavy!  I am not sure whether it is genuine kind-hearted concern or his concern at possibly being usurped.

It's the way I tell 'em!!

Brendan says 'the old ones are the best'.  I say, not when you have the same audience every day and I am that captive audience!  Whenever the LGB is checking the wall is level without fail he'll say, 'I've got something in my eye can you have a look'.  It is just his way of saying 'Spot on as usual - aren't I clever'.

Brendan with something in his eye - again!

Brendan looking like Jack Nicholson in The Shining
'Here's Johnny!'
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  1. Follow Mary's Mantra - How do you eat an elephant? .......one mouthful at a time. You'll be putting the roof on in no time.
    His back will be better when Newcastle start winning again.
    Luv the blog.
    From the sunny slopes
    Al and Mary xx

  2. Thank you :) Yes, but Mary eats ONE ginger nut biscuit for breakfast, for goodness sake, Bren and I eat biccies by the packet!! Enjoy your last few days! See you soon. xxx


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